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Know the Limits for Cholesterol Suffers Eat Eggs

Many question whether cholesterol sufferers really shouldn't eat eggs? The question arises because the high cholesterol content contained in eggs is believed to increase the risk of people with high cholesterol getting heart disease. To find out the facts, consider the following explanation. Eggs are indeed difficult to remove from the daily diet of Indonesian people. Apart from having a delicious taste, cheap price, and easy to process, eggs are also enriched with nutrients that are beneficial to health, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, folate, vitamin D, minerals, such as iron, potassium, calcium, and zinc. Despite being highly nutritious, eggs also contain high cholesterol. In one egg, there are about 185-200 mg of cholesterol. This is what makes some people reluctant to eat eggs for fear of being exposed to high cholesterol. Suffering from this condition will require sufferers to comply with many things, including having to be careful in choosing food. Without proper
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This List of High Blood Pressure Medication Needs to Know

There are many types of drugs to treat high blood pressure. Drugs that are included in the list of high blood pressure medications have different ways of working. Patients with hypertension who regularly consume high blood pressure drugs need to recognize the type, how it works, and the side effects of these drugs. Normal blood pressure is blood pressure that is in the number 120/80 mmHg or slightly below that number. Someone can be said to have high blood pressure or hypertension if the blood pressure is at a value of 130/80 mmHg or more. Hypertension can appear without symptoms and often only detected during a routine health check-up (check-up). Untreated high blood pressure can cause a number of complications, such as heart disease, kidney damage, and stroke. High blood pressure is caused by a combination of several factors, namely old age, heredity, and an unhealthy lifestyle, such as consuming too much salt, lack of exercise, often stressed, or smoking. In addition, certain

Getting to Know the Pediatric Surgeon and the Actions Performed

A pediatric surgeon is a specialist who focuses on surgical procedures in pediatric patients, including fetuses, infants (born premature or full term), children, to adolescents not older than 18 years. Pediatric surgeon is a subspecialty of general surgery that deals with various conditions that require surgery, both in cases of emergency, injury, infection, cancer or tumor, degenerative disorders, and congenital abnormalities in children and adolescents. In Indonesia, to get the title of pediatric surgery specialist (Sp.BA), a general practitioner must undergo specialist education in surgery for 10 semesters. Pediatric surgeon education is a continuing professional education for 2 years for general surgeons who are interested in pediatric surgery. Specialist Pediatric Surgery Field of Work Pediatric surgeons are divided into several expertise, including: Prenatal pediatric surgery related to unborn fetuses. Neonatal field surgery for children focused on infants, either term o